The Lesson From The Woman Who Lost Her Gym Membership For Using Her Cell Phone: Follow The Rules

Matt Dolloff / Mix 104.1

Debate has erupted in Boston over cell phone use at the gym after Tina Santoro Asmar lost her Planet Fitness membership due to violating the gym’s cell strict no-cell-phone policy. On one hand, it seems excessive to cancel someone’s membership for talking on the phone. But on the other hand, gyms have rules and their staff ought to enforce them if someone is a repeat offender.

And that’s why I’m siding with Planet Fitness here. Asmar told her side of the story to Fox 25 and claims she had only violated the policy one other time and wasn’t previously aware of the rule – but she also said when she took the call that sealed her fate, she “really didn’t think about it.”

The fact that she instinctively picked up the phone and answered it indicates she has done this not just once, but at least a few other times. The lady is a repeat offender and simply didn’t realize it. Maybe the gym employee was aggressive in his handling of the situation, but there’s a distinct possibility he’d been staring at her on her phone over and over for a while and his frustration just boiled over.

Kennedy also sided with the gym when Karson & Kennedy discussed the incident, while Karson and Salt thought the gym overreacted. It’s true that cell phones are everywhere these days and most people at the gym use them to listen to music – but few people actually talk on them while working out, and there’s a reason for that.

Bottom line is Asmar’s comments reveal a certain amount of obliviousness to just how much she talked on her cell phone at the gym, which she admitted herself she’d done more than once. Planet Fitness probably saw a lot more than we did and should have kicked her out.

I personally wouldn’t want someone yapping about their personal life right in my ear while I’m trying to work out. You can blast music all you want, but if someone’s talking loudly you can’t avoid it. Those people shouldn’t be allowed back if they keep doing it, and Asmar is clearly one of those people – she just didn’t realize it.

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