Lucky (& Unlucky) Powerball Numbers

Fast Freddy Murphy

By now you’ve heard that Powerball jackpot has climbed to an estimated $600 million, making it the largest prize in the history of the Powerball game! This Saturday someone may win the world’s second* largest lottery prize, EVER! Will it be YOU?
The “pot” has been growing quickly since Wednesday & people have been buying even more of the $2 tickets, due to the fact that there wasn’t a winner. Officials say the jackpot has grown by an estimated $236 million since Wednesday’s winnerless drawing.

The reason the jackpot amount is so high, right now is because it has been growing & growing over the past 6 weeks! The last winning Powerball ticket was drawn on March 30…& the next one will most likely be this Saturday night!

Now the question is: Quick Picks or pick your own numbers? There is no real answer, both have their advantages and draw backs. I’ve heard that 70-80% of lottery ticket purchases are Quick Picks, and that 70-80% of Powerball winners have won with a Quick Pick. So, is there a difference and if so, which method is better? Who Knows!?

Try both methods or think about which feels luckier & go with your gut! If you prefer to choose your own numbers, individually check out the info I’ve uncovered
Since the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are about 1 in 175 million, I figured I’d do a little research and compile a list of numbers to think about before you choose your “winning” Powerball numbers!

Most Chosen Numbers on Winning Powerball tickets
3 (16 times)
5 (16 times)
7 (16 times)
8 (17 times)
23 (19 times)
26 (16 times)
56 (18 times)The
Powerball # 29 (10 times)

Least Chosen Numbers on Winning Powerball tickets
2 (4 times)
9 (8 times)
21 (8 times)
24 (8 times)
25 (6 times)
33 (7 times)
37 (6 times)
38 (8 times)
42 (8 times)
47 (8 times)

Least chosen Powerball Numbers
9, 15, 19 & 31 (all drawn only 1 time each)

Obviously it is simply the “luck of the draw” but maybe these numbers will help you choose YOUR Winning Powerball numbers!

Good Luck To All of You!!!

*{Although this is the largest Powerball jackpot, Mega Millions holds the title for THE largest lottery prize in history. That jackpot was $656 million (won in March 2012). The prize was split three ways with winners in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland}.

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