College Student Fakes His Own Kidnapping Because He Didn’t Want His Parents To Know He Was Failing English

If this kid put as much effort into school as he did into covering up how poorly he was doing in school, he’d be on the Doogie Howser track.

19-year-old Aftab Aslam of Johns Creek, Georgia is a student at Georgia Cwinnett College.  Last month, he found out he was failing English.  He’d already failed the class once before and he knew his parents would be furious with him.

So he decided to fake his own kidnapping.

On April 24th, Aftab went to Target and bought a prepaid phone.  He used that to text his parents telling them their son had been kidnapped and if they went to the police, their son would die.  His parents went to the cops anyway.

Meanwhile, Aftab was living in a tent in an open field.  After eight days, the weather got cold and rainy, so he left the field and went back to his parents’ house.  He told them he’d been drugged and held as a prisoner.

Eventually, the police sorted everything out and figured out what really happened.  On Friday, he was arrested and now, Aftab is facing nine felony charges for making false statements, tampering with evidence, and making terroristic threats.

But, in his defense, you’ve got to believe his “F” in English is the least of his parents’ concerns right now.

Have you ever gone through great lengths to hide something from your parents? Share with us your story in the comments section, on Twitter at @KarsonKennedy or via Facebook!

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