Man Breaks Into Fortune Teller’s Home After Love Spell Falls Flat

Earlier this month, 46-year-old Jose Laparra of Zaragoza, in northeast Spain, paid a fortune teller to put a love spell on a woman to make her fall in love with him.

And he paid $212,000 for the spell.  Yes, $212,000.

For that kind of money, the fortune teller must’ve convinced him it was one hell of a spell.  But it wasn’t.  The woman did not fall in love with Jose.

So last week, he went to the fortune teller to demand a refund.  And he really demanded it…he and a few friends broke into the fortune teller’s house and tried to force her to pay the money back.

The cops got there quickly and arrested all of them.

If you’re wondering where Jose got that kind of money from, he’s a crook.  He used to be the president of a soccer team in Spain and was accused of stealing $7.7 million.  That case against him is still pending.

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