Andrew Celani,

In the grand scheme of things, Thursday night’s Boston Strong Concert won’t be defined by the actions of comedian Dane Cook.

However, Dane Cook’s legacy will most certainly be defined by his actions last night at the TD Garden.

The concert experienced streaming issues all night after half a million people logged on at the beginning of the show to watch, but was eventually resolved after 3 hours. So when it was time for Dane Cook’s comedy set and the screens at home went blank, everyone thought it was just their technology acting up again…until they found out that Dane Cook deliberately pulled his set from airing.

His explanation came after the show via Twitter at 1:41am:


After that tweet, people responded with visceral disdain for the Arlington native with things I’d be fired for if posted to this website. You can go see for yourself…

To sum up Dane Cook’s decision in one word: Arrogance.

I mean, you got a band like Aerosmith, who’ve been around forever, and even they didn’t make the ridiculous stipulation that their performance couldn’t be aired.

After all, it’s for CHARITY – one that benefits the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Is protecting your punchlines really that important to you?

Andrew Celani —



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