UPDATE: His name is Paul Ieti, serving in the US Army in Afghanistan.

AH-MAZ-ING! The only thing we know about this guy is that the girl narrating the video calls him, “my boy Eddie…” (we think!) But WHOEVER this guy is, he’s amazing! First, he takes on Rihanna‘s Stay on tonight’s 15 Seconds Of Fame and gives a stellar vocal performance. What’s even cooler, is how chill the guy is. He’s just relaxing on the table, eating a snack, kicking his feet and, oh yeah, totally NAILING this song. The audio isn’t the best, but his voice is worth it… Give it a listen and tell us what you think!

More:  Paul Ieti

If you want to be featured on 15 Seconds Of Fame or if you know someone who should be, email their links and info to me:

About 15 Seconds Of Fame:

15 seconds 2013

They say everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, right? Well, the MIX 104.1 airwaves are already filled with the most popular songs from the world’s biggest artists, but we really do wanna give you a chance. So we’re looking out for talented unknown singers and giving them 15 Seconds of Fame! The other 14:45 is up to you!


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