What is Lady Gaga Hiding From Us?

Matt Dolloff / Mix 104.1

Recently named to Forbes’ latest list of the most powerful musicians in entertainment, Lady Gaga is beginning to creep back into the limelight by rolling out her initial marketing campaign for her new album ARTPOP.

But there could be a scandal brewing that could potentially dig up details about Gaga’s past, and according to TMZ she is attempting to block court documents that she doesn’t want to ever see the light of day.

Wendy Starland, who is described as a “former Gaga collaborator”, filed a lawsuit back in 2010 against Gaga’s ex-boyfriend and former producer Rob Fusari claiming she was “screwed” out of money owed to her. According to Forbes, the court documents state that Starland sought a singer for Fusari and “if she could find and introduce him to such a singer, they would work together to develop the singer and share equally in any revenues earned as a result.” Starland claims she was ultimately unfairly cut out of the deal.

Well, Gaga is now reportedly pleading to seal the case shut forever, because certain details of the court documents would “inflict significant personal and professional harm” upon her. So that can only make us wonder what exactly Gaga is hiding here.

The lawsuit itself is between Fusari and Starland; Gaga is simply caught in the middle of it. But she is the artist in question who earned the revenue that Starland says she is owed. Did she break a promise with Starland, or worse yet breach a contract? The idea that Gaga would be worried about “professional” harm to her career suggests she’s done something at the very least unethical.

Gaga has also been named to the list of most charitable celebrities and still has the Born This Way foundation, so she has clearly given back to communities from her success and it would be hard to classify her as greedy. But this is not the first time Gaga has been involved in an ethical or legal controversy.

She’s in the middle of another lawsuit against a former assistant claiming damages, to which she responded swiftly and angrily. Kelly Osborne has called Gaga out for being a hypocrite for denouncing bullying, yet allowing her own fans to bully her detractors. And there was also last year’s controversy about Gaga supposedly bullying a cosmetics company that shared her name. And there was the Japan charity bracelet controversy. And the “Judas” lawsuit…We’re having trouble keeping track ourselves.

The ironic thing about this latest controversy to arise is that we may just be giving Gaga exactly what she wants. No matter what kind of information comes out from this lawsuit, if any of it ever does, it likely wouldn’t stop ARTPOP from selling hundreds of thousands of copies and topping the charts when it came out. In fact, this kind of publicity might only help her in the long run.

But if the reports about her reaction to the case are accurate, there could be something bad that Gaga does not want any of us to know. It’s not like she’s unfamiliar with being sued. Why in this particular case does she want everything kept quiet?

Does Gaga have something serious to hide, or is this just a case of someone seeking a piece of the massive success Gaga has enjoyed over her career? Sound off in the comments.


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