Before they were big stars, they had to get their start on TV somewhere… Digging through the depths of YouTube, we’ve found some of the best old commercials starring some of our favorite celebrities before they were (really) famous.

10. Bryan Cranston for Shield Soap

Before he was riding around in an RV meth lab in Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was riding a city bus dressed like a skunk.

9. Ben Affleck – Burger King Delivery Driver

Before he was busting up banks in Charlestown, Ben Affleck was an impromptu delivery driver for Burger King. Also, Zach Morris doesn’t have anything on Ben’s car phone…

8. Mila Kunis Surrounded by Lisa Frank

So many colors! Before she hung out in Eric Foreman’s basement, Mila Kunis was hawking unicorn and rainbow stickers for Lisa Frank.

7. Lindsay Lohan and Grape Jell-O

Before she was a Mean Girl and a hot mess, Lindsay Lohan was a cute kid who enjoyed Grape Jell-O and dancing to Bill Cosby’s rap.

6. Paul Rudd Plays Super Nintendo

Before he was a Role Model, Paul Rudd played Super Nintendo on a jumbotron in a French SNES commercial. (It was probably in English too, but we found the French version first.

5. Brad Pitt and Pringles Chips

Before knocking off a couple of casinos in Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13… Brad Pitt was charged with carjacking and Grand Theft Pringles.

4. Charlie Day Graduating in a Cascade Commercial

In this Cascade commercial, It’s Always Sunny star Charlie Day thought about retiring right after graduation. Thankfully, Paddy’s Pub saved him.

3. Elijah Wood On Cheese

If you thought the ring in Lord of the Rings was exciting for Elijah Wood, you should see his reaction to cheese years earlier.

2. Steve Carell In A Fried Chicken Commercial

Before he was bumbling manager Michael Scott on The Office, Steve Carell was a bumbling Brown’s Chicken employee who couldn’t change a marquee right.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio For BubbleYum Bubble Gum

Well before the Titanic set sail on movie screens, Leonardo DiCaprio was blowing out 80s sound systems and popping bubbles on television.



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