A new survey gave about 1,600 Americans the opportunity to JUDGE THE HELL out of all the other states in the country…and everyone took FULL advantage.

Here are the results:

Best Food:  New York.  It just beat California, Louisiana, Texas, Maine, and Illinois.

Worst Food:  Alaska.  It’s followed by Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, and Florida.

Most Beautiful Scenery:  Colorado.  It beat out Hawaii, Alaska, California, and Montana.

Worst Scenery:  Kansas.  New Jersey was a close second.  The rest of the top five are Iowa, Nebraska, and Nevada.

Drunkest:  Louisiana.  It beat out Florida, California, Nevada, Texas, and New York.

Rudest:  New York got almost half the vote.  The rest of the top five are New Jersey, California, Texas, and Massachusetts.

Nicest:  Georgia.  It beat out Minnesota, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Hawaii.

Smartest:  Massachusetts.  It finished ahead of Florida, California, Washington, and Connecticut.

Dumbest:  Mississippi.  It beat out Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Louisiana.

Best Sports Fans:  New York just beat out Texas.  The rest of the top five are Illinois, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin.

Worst Sports Fans:  Also New York.  The rest of the top five are Pennsylvania, Florida, California . . . and, for some reason, Alaska.

The survey also asked its respondents to determine which state has the HOTTEST residents, here are the results:

More than half of Americans rated California’s residents as the HOTTEST in the U.S. The rest of the top five weren’t even close:  Florida, New York, Hawaii, and Texas.

On the other end of the scale, people were much more divided on where you’d find the UGLIEST people in the country. Alabama came in first with 9% of the vote.  They just beat out West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

To summarize…

  • Massachusetts is the smartest state, but also one of the rudest states. But hey, at least we have some of the best sports fans
  • Alabama is the ugliest state, with some of the dumbest people and worst food
  • New York has the rudest people, the best food, the best sports fans AND the worst sports fans
  • Lastly, California has the hottest people, who are also some of the drunkest

Do you agree with the results of the survey? Sound off in the comments section below!

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