The 8 Rudest Ways People Use Technology in the Office

God bless technology.  It’s given us so many new ways to be insanely annoyed by our coworkers.  A new survey came up with the top eight rudest ways your coworkers use technology in the office.

Check ’em out:

1.  Checking emails on your phone during a meeting.  54% of people say they have coworkers who do it, and it drives them crazy.

2.  Checking texts during a business lunch, 49%.

3.  Using all capital letters in an email to make a point, 20%.

4.  Including you on never-ending, pointless email chains, 19%.

5.  Using “text speak” in emails, 18%.

6.  Taking personal cell phone calls in public areas, 18%.

7.  Texting while walking through the office, 17%.

8.  Emailing someone sitting right next to you instead of talking to them, 16%.

What rude habits do your coworkers have? Share it with us in the comments section below, on Twitter at @KarsonKennedy or via Facebook!

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