Britney Spears is slowly and surely getting her s*&( back together.  She’s got her hair back, her body back, and she’s headed to Vegas baby!  And she’s sober.  And that means you can’t drink anything around her.  Ever.

So, she was meeting up with some folks for dinner in LA and some of the friends got there early.  To drink at the bar.  I guess they couldn’t make it through dinner without some vino, so they hit the bar before Britney arrived. When she got there they left the drinks on the bar and joined Brit at the table.

Now Britney has made it very clear to her friends – no one drinks when she’s at the table.  Period.  So it got real awkward when the waitress spied the drinks at the bar and brought them to one of the peeps sitting at the table.  So, with a little quick thinking, the friend said “you are mistaken – I wasn’t drinking wine.”

I’m sure Britney bought it.  However, the stress got to one of them as the moment Britney left one dude made a beeline to the bar and downed 3 vodkas.  Stay thirsty my friends.

Justin Bieber In Concert At The MGM Grand

(Getty Images)

The Biebs is at it again.  Justin, when will you stop taking a page from the Rihanna school of social media by NOT posting a picture every time you do something illegal. Just an idea.  I’m just spit balling here.

Pics have surfaced of Justin sitting next to someone who looks very much like Ariana Grande holding what looks very much like a joint.  Everyone is saying it’s been doctored  – both the joint and Ariana.  Does anyone believe that?  Nope, me neither.

Miley Cyrus Performs On NBC's "Today"

(Getty Images)

Miley Cyrus is not one of my favs. And she’s not helping her cause by calling me old.  She brought her circus to the “Today” show yesterday and, among other things, she said she only did the VMAs for  the attention and that people over the age of 40 don’t make sexy time.  Seriously???

Matt Lauer  asked Miley if she’s just going through a phase trying to get away from her Hanna Montana image.  Her reply?  She’ll stop being sexy when she hits 40.  Why, you ask?  Miley explains  “I heard when you turn 40 things start to turn a little less sexual… I heard that’s when people don’t really have sex anymore.”

I can’t wait til you turn 40.  I hope you are alone with a bunch of cats and foam fingers.

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