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(Courtesy: Warner Brothers Television)

(Courtesy: Warner Brothers Television)

Well, there’s the short answer: no.

But wait… Then why is this a story?

Because we here at the Mix1041.com internet labs saw that the idea of a possible reboot of the popular 90s show was trending on social media today, so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

As of this posting, more than two dozen media outlets from Perez Hilton to Australian radio stations are breathlessly gushing about how cool it would be for Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner to come back for another round of sitcom hi-jinks.

Problem is, it’s not true.

Everyone reporting the story as truth is getting their news from a less than reputable article on a trade site where collectors buy and sell Disney memorabilia.

According to the page:

News of the Tanner family’s return was originally revealed in the Newport Gazette, where series creator Jeff Franklin let slip that he had begun work on a sequel to the hit ABC series. Additionally, Franklin also hinted that the majority of the cast has already shown interest in reprising their roles.

Now click the link for the Newport Gazette in the paragraph above. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

FUN FACT: The Newport Gazette was a newspaper based out of Newport, Rhode Island, and hasn’t published an issue since 1779, more than two centuries before the first season of Full House aired.

So while it seems to be a rather late April Fool’s joke that is suddenly running rampant across the internet (in late fall no less), it got us thinking – what 90s sitcoms would you want to have brought back to television in a sequel series?

Family Matters and Perfect Strangers would have my vote. But I look forward to your thoughts as well.

In the meantime, we can all catch some of our favorite 90s shows streaming over on Netflix. And when you see friends taking up your Facebook news feed later tonight with the news that Full House is coming back to the small screen, feel free to burst their bubble by sharing this article.

It’s better that they hear it from a friend anyways.

Tim Staskiewicz is the digital content director (read: head web guy) for Mix 104.1 and other CBS music radio stations in Boston. You can follow him on Twitter @timstask.



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