The Fray Lose Bet, Will Play MixFest 2014

(Mix 104.1 Photo)

(Mix 104.1 Photo)

Last week, members of the band The Fray joined Gregg Daniels, Fast Freddy, and Sue Brady in-studio, and they were feeling quite confident about their native Denver Broncos coming to play the Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

So confident in fact, that Gregg decided to put a little wager on it – if the Pats won, The Fray would play MixFest next year.

“We’re playing MixFest, I guess I have to rock a jersey,” guitarist Joe King told Gregg, Freddy, and Sue. “Is that a medium Brady jersey, can I get a medium?”

Gregg and company were quite happy that the band had decided to hold up their end of the bet.

“You know, it’ll be good to get that out of our system,” King said about the bet. “We’ll pay up.”

While The Fray may technically be losers in the scope of this bet, the real winners are the people of Boston and Mix listeners who will get to see The Fray for free on the Esplanade next year at MixFest 2014.

“I gotta give it to you guys,” said King. “We really love the city, I mean we’ve had such great shows in Boston. It’s like we grew up there!”

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