New study came out that says how much free time the average person has and what they do with it. Here’s how it broke down:

10.  Listening to, or playing, music, 7%
9.  Gardening, 7%
8.  Walking, running, or jogging, 8%
7.  Playing video games, 10%
6.  Going to the gym, 10%
5.  Watching movies, 11%
4.  Socializing, 18%
3.  Surfing the Internet, 19%
2.  Reading, 37%.  Although, it was actually the TOP answer for WOMEN, with 48%.
1.  Watching TV.  42% of people said it’s one of the top three things they do with their free time.

The survey said that the average American spends 36 hours a week either working, commuting, or taking care of household chores.  And for people with full-time jobs, it’s 55 hours.

The average person has 20 hours of FREE time each week.  People with kids have 15 hours, while people without kids have 25.

That’s A LOT of free time!

So, my question tonight is a fill-in-the-blank edition…

MBQ:  If I Had More Free Time, I’d __________?

(For all of you stat geeks, here’s the full survey results: Harris Interactive)

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