By Shannon Carlin

Many would say the Internet has had a negative effect on the way people communicate with one another, but Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme of the band Painted Palms aren’t those people. The cousins, who grew up a few doors down from one another in Lafayette, Louisiana, will tell you that the web has actually been the driving force behind their musical connection.

It was about four years ago when the duo decided to stop working on their own individual projects and work together, but very quickly they each realized that they couldn’t stand to work in the same room. For some reason though they could write and compose songs over email, sending ideas for melodies and lyrics back and forth until they could come to some kind of a truce.

“Whenever we have tried to write songs in the same room, it just self-destructs,” Prudhomme told “The internet allows us to work in isolation and have complete thoughts without being interrupted by what the other person has to say.”

Prudhomme admits that the reason it is so difficult for him and Donohue to work in the same space is their very different working styles. “Reese’s approach to music making is very deliberate, very planned out. He likes to spend a lot more time figuring out what he’s trying to do,” Prudhomme explained. “And I’m a little more reckless.”



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