By: Zach Stone / Karson & Kennedy Producer

When I first saw the advertisements for “The Lego Movie,” I’m sure I was like most of you.  Is there no depth to what a movie studio will do to get a kid into the theaters?  How many unoriginal ideas do we have to put up with? I couldn’t wait to ignore this movie.  Then all of a sudden a bunch of video clips started coming out and all of a sudden “The Lego Movie” started becoming awesome.  Okay, so by the time I walked into the theater I was still interested by guardedly so because it’s still a movie about Legos.

“The Lego Movie” blew me away.

People who still don’t think they can enjoy a movie because it is animated or for kids need to Let It Go.  Disney and Pixar have obviously proven by now that these movies are for every child, even those who are just a children at heart.  As long as you have a sense of humor there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy this movie.

This movie is full of laughs that come from all over the place, to the downright silly physical comedy, to a sharp witted script, to a fantastic group of voice actors.

The voice actors are a who’s who of current comedy greats.  I spent the first part of the movie trying to figure out everyone’s voice in the movie.  But soon I was too enthralled in the movie and I no longer cared.

Not only that, but the movie looks cool.  Director Phil Lord and Christopher Miller use Lego pieces for everything from the bullets, to the water, to the set.  And the movie has a very stop motion feel to it, so it all looks like they could be using real Lego pieces to make their movie which I appreciated.

But the thing I appreciated most is this is not just an advertisement for Legos, sure they are the center piece of the movie and I am sure sales will go up; but that doesn’t stop the creative team from taking potshots at some of the less successful Lego play sets.

The third act makes a really cool decision with how to wrap up the movie.  It turned a little soft-hearted but that doesn’t hurt the rest of the movie and still keeps the audience laughing which is the best you can hope for.

There is nothing to not like about “The Lego Movie,” the animation looks cool, the cast is great, the jokes are hilarious and the story is actually pretty smart.  This is a movie built for children of all ages.  A


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