Watch Kanye West Go OFF On Radio DJs During a Concert

No one is safe from the wrath of Kanye West. Not reporters, not fellow musicians, and definitely not radio DJs.

Kanye performed in University Park, Penn. Thursday night and was in the middle of “Touch the Sky” when he suddenly called for the music to stop. Then it was rant time.

These profanity-laced tirades have become a regular occurrence on his Yeezus tour, whether it came in an interview or right on the stage. He has ranted about Louis Vitton, corporate America, celebrities, and everything all at once.

Considering the breadth of the topics he’s ranted against, it came as something of a surprise that he’d suddenly rail against radio DJs and other media members who have interviewed him.

“If I go to a radio interview, shut the f*** up!” his rant goes. “Diss me, talk sh*t. What the f*** did you do? What have you done with your motherf**kin’ life, Charlemagne? Sway?” he continued, singling out Charlemagne and Sway’s recent interview with ‘Ye where they were critical of his behavior. He basically used the rant to denigrate DJs who were critical of him, which is, you know, their right to do just the same.

Oh, and he compared himself to Beethoven and Shakespeare. Par for the course.

We wonder what Karson, Gregg, or Matthew Reid think about this…Do DJs and other interviewers really deserve Kanye’s hate when they gave him a platform to express his thoughts and promote his music?

WARNING: The video is loud. Turn your speakers down.



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