Netflix’s “Drone 2 Home” Parodies Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service [VIDEO]

The Soviet Union and the United States raced to be the first in space during the Cold War, and now it looks like Netflix is in a race of their own with Amazon.

This video recently uploaded to YouTube by a Netflix employee reveals the company’s supposed plan to use unmanned aircrafts to deliver movies right to your door, dubbed the “Drone To Home” program.

Priding themselves on “getting back to their creative roots,” this Drone To Home program promises to deliver your queued items within mere seconds.

Netflix already put Blockbuster out of business, now they want Redbox too! You’ll never have to leave your house for a movie again!

All kidding and parody aside, we know do know one thing: Amazon is actually dead serious about the idea and hopes to roll out the new “Prime Air” project in 4-5 years. It’s only logical that other companies will follow suit.

If grocery stores ever hop on board this new trend I call dibs on patenting the “Stop N’ Shop Air Drop.”


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