Do you spend most of your work day sitting at a desk? All that sitting is detrimental to your health. Studies in recent years have emerged that prolonged sitting can increase your risk of heart disease and other serious medical problems.

That’s why standing desks became popular, and now the concept of standing at work has been taken a step further: treadmill desks.

Would you use one of these at work? At first it might seem to be some kind of distraction, making you focus more on your workout than your actual work. You’ll get more exercise than usual and generally be healthier, but would you be more productive at your job?

A new study says treadmill desks had a “significantly favorable impact on both physical activity and work performance” in an entire office outfitted with them. A finance company spent an entire year with the desks and overall employee productivity ratings increased by 10 percent. A separate study says doctors are 10% more accurate with their diagnoses of patients when working at treadmill desks.

These studies are quickly proving to companies that treadmill desks are good for business, as the cost of a treadmill for a given employee is less than the extra productivity and averted healthcare costs. Anyone who works out regularly knows exercise makes you feel better, and constant rest can not only increase your health risks but severely limit your productivity.

The only drawback we can even imagine, in fact, is the noise. Imagine dozens of treadmills humming along at once. And they can be pretty pricey – the absolute cheapest treadmill desk on Amazon costs $479 and they go for as much as $2,000. But the benefits still outweigh the costs here!

Would you give a treadmill desk a trial run? How much more productive do you think you could be with one of these as opposed to a regular old desk chair?



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