That’s right, Child of the 80s, Jem and her magical earrings are making a comeback from your Saturday mornings of yesteryear. But will it really be “truly outrageous?”

G.I. Joe director Jon M. Chu, Justin Bieber manager Scooter Braun, and producer Jason Blum took to YouTube this week to announce a live action version of Jem and the Holograms.

No, this is no joke. They assure us in the video that they are indeed 100% serious. In fact, they’re talking about crowd sourcing creativity through Tumblr.

“Post a video through Tumblr or YouTube and tell us what you love about Jem. We really want to know,” Chu says in the video. “You can even post pictures of you dressed up like her. Whatever it is, we want to see and hear your passion for the original Jem.”

Want to be in the live action Jem movie? The production is soliciting audition videos from anyone who wants to submit one with the hashtag #jemthemovie.

Do you remember Jem and the Holograms from the 80s? Were you a big fan? What are your feelings on this live action reboot? Let us know in the comments section below.


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