By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

Of all the ridiculously fortunate game show wins you’ve seen, you might never see someone with this much luck.

Wheel of Fortune finalist Emil enters the bonus round needing to guess a three-word “Thing”. But he only had the first two letters of the entire phrase to work with. What he did next was nothing short of miraculous:

The game does require some language-related skills – you need a deep vocabulary and vast knowledge of people, places, things and phrases and be able to fill in the blanks with your mind. But how do you explain figuring out a phrase like “New Baby Buggy” with literally just “Ne” on the board?

He doesn’t even pick great letters for the bonus round…how often are D,H,M and O all together? The awkward pause between his guessing the phrase is a little sketchy too; it’s like the producers said “Screw it, just give it to him because that was such a good random guess.”

Have you ever seen anyone this lucky on a game show before?



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