Last Monday, 34-year-old Brian Osborne and his girlfriend Megan barely made it out of their house in Ledyard, Connecticut after it caught fire.

They lost everything, including a RING that Brian had purchased and was secretly planning to propose with.  So after the fire was out, he asked the firemen if they’d go back in and look for it.  And somehow they FOUND IT in the ashes.

Then when they handed it to him, he immediately got down on one knee and PROPOSED.

And five days later, they got married in the FRONT YARD . . . wearing the same clothes they escaped the fire in.  And they even invited some of the firefighters to the ceremony.

They told the news that surviving the fire put things in perspective.  And they don’t care about all the stuff they lost . . . or the fact that they didn’t have flowers or even a DRESS for the wedding.  They’re just happy to have each other.

Congratulations Brian and Megan! We wish you all the best…








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