<b>By Matt Dolloff (<a href="http://www.twitter.com/mattdolloff/" target="_blank">@mattdolloff</a>)</b>

Call it cruel. Call it “tough love”. Or just call it being a dad. However you describe it, social media has become a famous (and infamous) place for fathers to punish or publicly shame their misbehaving sons and daughters.

Sometimes, the incidents cross the line and become abusive or hurtful. That’s not what this article is about. This is where you’ll find dads doing things that you may find extreme, but understand that they came from places of love.

Moms aren’t alone in this, either – they’ve been known to publicly punish their kids too – but you’re not likely to see a mom shooting her daughter’s laptop full of bullets. These fathers know that being a dad sometimes means being tough on your kids when they misbehave, and these guys found creative ways to do so that may push the limits of what we consider constructive parenting.

Physical punishment is a horrible thing and verbal punishments usually go unnoticed, so what’s a dad to do if he really wants to make an example of his kids? These dads all either took their punishments directly to social media to make them known, or made sure their actions got shared by someone.

Some of these punishments might have questionable long-term effects on the kids, but these dads can rest assured their kids won’t want to go through this kind of public shaming again. So if Karson ever decides to publicly shame his son Barrett or one of his daughters on social media, you know where he got the idea.

Take a look at these dads below and tell us what you think of their unique forms of punishment. Do they get points for creativity? Do any of these punishments fit the crimes? Or are they crossing the line?

1. Shooting your daughter’s laptop full of bullets

In perhaps the most famous example of social media punishment on the internet, Tommy Jordan made this 8-minute clip to discipline his daughter for going on a nasty rant about her parents on Facebook. The above clip has gotten over 39 million views in its two years online.

In the video, Jordan reads his daughter’s post, part of which concerns her laptop, which Jordan bought and upgraded for her. He then takes out his handgun and shoots the laptop full of bullets.

You might Jordan’s actions here as violent and over-the-top, and he did receive some criticism for it. But he also got credit for his creative parenting and no-nonsense attitude, and he stood by his actions. No one was physically harmed and hopefully his daughter learned her lesson.

2. Wearing short-shorts to make your daughter dress better

Scott Mackintosh wasn’t happy with his daughter’s skimpy shorts she tried to wear to dinner. When she refused to change into longer pants, Mackintosh decided to embarrass her by turning his jeans into a pair of his own short-shorts.

They went out for dinner, mini golf and ice cream, all the while father & daughter wearing matching shorts. And of course they snapped photos and posted them online for all of Scott’s daughter’s friends to see.

The family says their daughter has learned from the incident, however zany the dad’s actions might have been.

3. Making your son hold an “I am a bully” sign in public

Nobody likes a bully. Jose Lagares’ son was one himself, so he decided to make an example of him.

Lagares made his son stand in public holding a sign that said “I am a bully – honk if you hate bullies!” to make him feel the kind of public humiliation that often accompanies kids getting bullied at school.

Lagares’ son may have gotten the point, but the problem is Lagares sort of acted like a bully himself. Is the best way to stop a bully to lower yourself to that same level?

4. Shaming your daughter on video for lying about her age

This guy’s 13-year-old daughter kept telling people she was 17 or older on Facebook, so he decided to expose her for the fraud she was.

In the above clip, he makes her admit her real age, and you can tell just by watching that she’s not who she had been saying she was.

Maybe she’ll think twice next time she decides to lie about something.

5. Making your son wear a sign in public for vandalism

This dad at least had a serious offense to deal with. His son admitted he was a vandal by wearing this sign around town and walking in public with it on. And the dad made sure the whole thing got recorded and published.

What do you think about these parents’ tactics? Are they just being creative with their use of technology and social media, or are they crossing the line into abuse and cruelty?



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