By Philip Cosores

If you saw this billboard, created by the Employment Policies Institute , would you think Miley Cyrus was against the raising of the minimum wage?

A billboard to be posted in Los Angeles features a picture of Cyrus sticking her tongue out. “Why is Miley Cyrus so twerked off?” it asks. “Maybe it’s because so many California teens will lose their jobs when the minimum wage goes up.”

The political message is fighting a California policy to increase the lowest wage to $9 per hour as of July 1 and then up to $10 per hour in 2016.

The problem here (potentially) is that Cyrus has not endorsed this message or cause. The pop rebel has not yet spoken out against it, but the designers of the ad, which will be placed on Sunset Blvd. near La Cienega early next week, don’t see a problem with that, since they obtained the image legally.

Read more about the Miley Cyrus billboard on


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