Sabrina Boyd (<a href="" target="_blank">@SabrinaKayaB</a>)

Erin was talking with a co-worker when she realized some younger listeners have been calling in and not understanding the phone’s busy signal. They’ve been sending us tweets and Facebook messages saying our phone is broken!

There’s definitely a generation gap going on here. A popular, new joke for people of a certain generation is about a teenager seeing a floppy disc for the first time, and they say, “Whoa! Cool! You made a 3-D version of the save icon!” I’ve also heard of people using CDs as coasters, and the Sony Walkman turns 35 years old this week!

So Erin decided to ask listeners what has made them feel old recently. From flip phones to cassette players, it’s amazing what callers told her the youth in their lives didn’t recognize!

Do you remember the days of dial-up and busy signals? Have you had a situation like this, where a younger person makes you feel old? Share your story below!




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