1) Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is happening. It is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2017. What character does Johnny Depp play in the movie franchise?

2) A tree planted in Los Angeles in memory of George Harrison was taken down by the buggiest of ironies when the ten-year-old pine was infested by insects. What band is Harrison most known for playing in?

3) A sequel to “Fight Club” is scheduled to be released in April 2015 but that sequel won’t be a movie but rather a 10 part comic book series. What’s the first rule of Fight Club?

4) The trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey comes out today. Who wrote 50 Shades of Grey?

5) Former Celtics coach Doc Rivers has said that he will quit next season if Donald Sterling remains a part of the team. As of right now what team is Doc Rivers the coach of?

Can you beat Kennedy?



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