90’s Rewind: Weezer Uses Their New Single to Apologize for Sucking

Alisha Jackson

All is forgiven, Weezer. Your new single is so awesome, that we can overlook your crappy previous non-90’s-Weezer-sounding singles.

Don’t worry – we aren’t bashing Weezer. They are bashing themselves!

Listen above to hear what we’re talking about in their new single, “Back to the Shack”.

We’re glad Weezer is taking the reigns back on their career and we are praying that other bands who have given in to the music industry’s demands, will do the same.

With a chorus that literally talks about “rockin out like it’s 94”, Weezer is exposing today’s youth to what music used to be about – the music itself.


Take me back, back to the shack
Back to the Strat with the lightning strap
Kick in the door, more hardcore
Rockin out like it’s ’94
Let’s turn up the radio
Let’s turn off those stupid singing shows
I know where we need to go:
Back to the shack

Yes, let’s turn up the radio!

What do you think of Weezer’s new single?


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