Alisha Jackson

For those who live in the Boston area, or anywhere remotely close to Salem, Massachusetts, you’re used to Halloween coming early each year.

People who wait for seasonal pumpkin-flavored coffee to hit the market are amateurs.

Pumpkin-flavored beer has been on tap around here since August, and some Halloween attractions are even open year-round in Salem!

It’s a time to eat candy. A time to carve pumpkins. A time to be someone else. But most importantly, a time to binge-watch Halloween flicks.

Yes, Halloween is finally here!

So what Halloween movies can you watch with the whole fam this year? Coming from the perspective of someone who can’t even watch The Poltergeist by herself, here are 13 family-friendly spooky movies for all to enjoy this year!

1. Casper

(Courtesy of Universal Studios) (Courtesy of Universal Studios)

If your child has never seen anything involving ghosts before, then Casper is the perfect introduction. And there are 2 simple reasons why.

1. Casper is a friendly ghost.
2. Casper is actually Devon Sawa.

2. Hocus Pocus

(Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures) (Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

Warning: The beginning of this movie features the Sanderson sisters sucking the life out of a little girl.

However, the rest of the movie is fair game, and absolutely hysterical. It’s also a must-watch for locals, as most of the movie was filmed in Salem!

3. Frankenweenie

(Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures) (Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

I haven’t seen this movie yet, but my 5-year-old niece loves it, therefore it can’t be scary.

As with Hocus Pocus, it looks as though this film throws in adult jokes for parents to enjoy. Not only does it pay homage to Frankenstein, but it also highlights B-horror movies of the 1950s.

4. The Addams Family

(Courtesy of Paramount Pictures) (Courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

This movie screams Halloween, minus the screams. While its humor is morbid and its characters were made to be worn as Halloween costumes, this movie spares the scares for all to enjoy.

5. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

(Courtesy of Peanuts Studio) (Courtesy of Peanuts Studio)

This is the least scary you can get for a Halloween movie! You and your little ones will cherish the first time you watch this movie together forever!

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

(Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment) (Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment)

This movie has some spooky scenes, but nothing too frightening, as it’s just a cartoon. And a Disney one, at that!

If you don’t squeeze this movie in this month, you’ve got until December, as this movie doubles as a Christmas movie too.

Good thinking, Tim Burton!

7. Halloweentown

(Courtesy of Disney Channel) (Courtesy of Disney Channel)

This newer made-for-TV Disney Channel movie is horror-free and appropriate for all ages. Can’t go wrong with this one!

8. Beetlejuice

(Courtesy of Warner Home Video) (Courtesy of Warner Home Video)

Warning: I was terrified of this movie when I was little, but I think it was just because of the imagery.

The movie suggests ages 9 up and I agree!

9. Ghostbusters

(Courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) (Courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

While younger kids may not get all the jokes, and the “ghosts” can look scary at times, this movie is clearly just a comedy in disguise.

The movie is worth showing your kids just for the theme song alone:

10.The Little Vampire

(Courtesy of New Line Home Video) (Courtesy of New Line Home Video)

This movie is about vampires who want to be human. It’s a cute, un-scary twist on the vampire phenomenon!

11. Hotel Transylvania

(Courtesy of Columbia Pictures) (Courtesy of Columbia Pictures)

This is another movie that my 5-year-old niece watches on repeat, therefore eliminating it from the scary category!

The premise of this movie is actually really cute. Dracula is an owner of an inn for weary traveling monsters, and his daughter ends up falling in love with a human along the way.

12. E.T.

(Courtesy of Universal Studios) (Courtesy of Universal Studios)

E.T. may cause a similar frightened reaction as Beetljuice due to its imagery, but the story itself isn’t scary. In fact, by the end of the movie, E.T. somehow ends up looking cute!

13. ParaNorman

(Courtesy of Focus Features) (Courtesy of Focus Features)

Norman sees dead people. It’s kind of creepy, but not in a Sixth Sense kind of way. And it takes place in a “small Massachusetts town”, so you can have fun trying to figure out where it is!



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