Sam Smith headlined Mix’s Not So Silent Night this year, so he must be a big fan of Christmas music, right? Wrong. Sam didn’t hesitate to use the word “hate” when he described Christmas music, a surprising twist for a performer at a holiday-themed show.

But Salt noticed something peculiar that he brought up as Karson & Kennedy interviewed Sam in his hotel room before the show…He just released his own version of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – what’s the deal?

“I hate Christmas songs, it’s true. But [‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’] is the only song I would ever attempt to sing, because of Judy Garland singing it,” he said.

Sam stood by his disdain for Christmas music – and also wasn’t a fan of Salt’s “horrific reindeer onesie thing,” as he described it.

Watch above for the full interview, where Sam also talks about the hectic day he had on the day of GRAMMY nominations.



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