Sabrina Boyd (@SabrinaKayaB)

New Year’s Eve tends to be one of the classier holidays.

Naturally, it requires a bottle or two of champagne, for those old enough to drink it.

And the kids typically drink sparkling cider or some other fizzy drink that they can pretend is a fancy “grown-up” beverage.

But this year, why not mix it up a bit with some variations on the traditional champagne and cider?

Whether you’re hosting the New Year’s bash or just looking for something to bring, celebrating at an adult party or home with the kids, we’ve got you covered.

These drinks are simple, but give off the essence of a high-end soiree.

Try one of these champagne cocktails and mocktails this New Year’s Eve:

Raspberry “Champagne”


For something easy, add champagne to raspberry lemonade. You can make your own with this recipe, or use a simple Crystal Light mix. Add champagne, or ginger ale for the kids, and garnish with whole berries.

Pomegranate Punch


Make punch for the whole party with Martha Stewart’s pomegranate-champagne punch. For those of age, combine pomegranate juice, pear nectar, and an orange flavored liqueur like Grand Marnier with a little champagne. For a kid-friendly mocktail, use a cup of orange juice and a splash of seltzer instead of the two alcohols.

Lemon Rose Bellini


For the lemon rose Bellini, you’ll need a cocktail shaker, or you can try a blender with more ice for a frozen drink. Combine lemon sorbet, citrus vodka for the adults, and ice, and shake. Pour into a flute glass and with champagne, or some sparkly non-alcoholic drink, and top it with a few fresh raspberries.

Magic Perrier


Kids will have a blast making this drink from Mixology by Perrier. It has two simple ingredients and almost feels more like a science experiment than pouring a drink. The best way to learn the recipe is to watch the video:

Adults can use champagne instead of sparkling water.

Lava Lamp


Last but not least, to really get the party going, lava lamps combine jello shots with champagne. Just make your traditional jello shots in whatever flavor you like, mix them up in champagne classes, a pour a bit of champagne over them for a very uniquely textured beverage. Kids will use just regular jello and Sprite or ginger ale.

What’s your favorite drink to have on New Year’s Eve? Tell us what you’re toasting with in the comments section!




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