by Alisha Jackson

Remember when Christina Aguilera impersonated Britney Spears on Jimmy Fallon a few months back?

To be fair, Jimmy kind of put her on the spot and “surprised” her with a Britney Spears challenge.

We put “surprised” in quotations because her impression seemed a little too good to not have been rehearsed.

Last week, during the finale of The Voice, Christina took another jab at her former teenage popstar rival. But this time, instead of impersonating her voice, she impersonated her character.

And according to Christina, Brit’s as dumb as a doornail.


Again, to be fair, the whole skit was probably written by the producers of The Voice. However, Christina agreed to do it, and Brit’s not happy about it.

According to Radar Online, “Britney thought that it was incredibly rude that Christina did that without running it by her first.”

Mock Britney once, shame on you.

Mock Britney twice, well, it’s Britney b*tch.

It’s probably not the best idea to make fun of someone who has a Las Vegas residency at her disposal. Britney is reportedly planning on hitting Christina back with a rendition of Genie In A Bottle during one of her shows.

And those who watched the Billboard Music Awards know that this isn’t the first time Brit is taking advantage of her little side show.

She also allegedly pre-recorded her award show performance of Pretty Girls on her Planet Hollywood stage with Iggy Azalea in order to ensure perfection on the small screen.

Must be nice to have a Vegas residency to call on when you need it!

Do you think Britney will go through with the public shaming or take the high road?


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