By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

Tell Mayor Walsh to forget about the MBTA or the Olympics. The local government needs to start focusing on cat libraries.

What is a “cat library”, you ask? There’s an office in New Mexico for the government of Doña Ana County that brings cats from the nearby Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley and lets them stay in their own area, which workers have nicknamed “the library”.

The best part? Employees can borrow a kitty from the library to have a desk companion while they’re working.

Employee Tiffany Tillison posted pictures of the library on Reddit, and of course it went straight to the front page because cats secretly own the whole internet.

She told her fellow Redditors that the library has been a huge success overall. Over 100 cats and kittens have ended up being adopted by workers, and employee satisfaction is “through the roof.” Hard not to be happy when you have a cuddly kitty roaming around your desk space!

Tillison also said that there haven’t been any problems with allergic employees yet, and she has a workmate with allergies so she spends her time with the cats at the library rather than taking them back to her desk.

But the hardest part of having a cat at your desk? Distractions.

(STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images) (STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images)

And not to mention, they might try to do your work for you.

“Don’t worry, I got this.”

(Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images) (Photo by Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

“Dude I said I GOT THIS!”

(DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images) (DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

But needless to say, a cat library is the kind of experiment EVERY office should try!


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