Looking For a New Roommate? Try Making a Music Video

Sabrina Boyd (@SabrinaKayaB)

It’s just about time for the yearly housing frenzy here in Boston.

If you’re not looking for a new place or trying to fill a room, take a moment to appreciate your peaceful living situation.

If you are, here’s a unique approach: a man in Australia made a parody of “Drop It Like It’s Hot” to convince people to move into his 3 bedroom house.

His video is called “Cop It While It’s Hot” – for those of you who don’t speak Australian/British English, “cop it” is slang meaning to grab or take something.

The video creator, Mark Peters, is an Art Director, so this is actually a very appropriate way to introduce potential new roommates to his lifestyle and personality.

The listing on Gumtree actually looks really nice…and at $900 a month (though I’m not sure how Australian dollars convert), it seems like a bargain compared to Boston!

Would you move in with this guy? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


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