By Matt Dolloff (@mattdolloff)

Love is a powerful thing. This guy in Australia has to still have feelings for his ex, because what he did to his best friend for sleeping with her was about as extreme as you can get without violence.

29-year-old Robert Turner found out his now-ex-best friend Sean Pradier slept with his ex, so he got revenge in the most…crushing way possible: he ran his truck over his now ex-best friend’s car. And then he posted a photo of his exploits on Facebook. And not even his personal page – he posted it on the public Facebook page of a popular auto parts company in his hometown, with the message “Sean Pradier u dog [expletive] i told u i would do it i got the balls come and get your [expletive] now [expletive] face im here waiting for you.”

And of course, the posts got him arrested. And he even continued to update his status from the back of the paddy wagon.

According to an Australian news site, the victim of the car-crushing and the ex-girlfriend have denied that anything happened between them. The guy wouldn’t do this without knowing for certain, right? Right???

One thing that’s certain: the jilted man still has feelings for his ex. Think about it: if you truly hated or had no feelings for your ex, would you react like this when they sleep with someone else? Even your friends? If anything you might try to talk your friend out of it, rather than destroy their property.

But that’s what love does to people sometimes: it transcends the rational. People do wild and crazy (and downright stupid) things in the name of love, and in this age of social media and status updates we have a front row seat to all the drama.


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