Sabrina Boyd (<a href="" target="_blank">@SabrinaKayaB</a>)

Would you notice if Brandy got on the same subway train as you and started singing a heartfelt ballad?

Yes, the Brandy of the 90’s “The Boy Is Mine,” Moesha, etc.

You’d think somebody would recognize her face, or her voice, but she’s pretty good at disguising herself.

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A few days ago, Brandy got on the subway in New York, where she’s currently starring in Chicago on Broadway, dressed in a hoodie and sunglasses, and treated her fellow passengers to an a cappella version of “Home” from the musical The Wiz.

Nobody blinked an eye.

Even when she asked, “What ya’ll thought of that?”, no one responded. We’re that determined not to talk to strangers on the train – which is probably good practice in New York.

Eventually, she got one guy to talk to her by asking him directly what he thought, and he thought she was unoriginal.

“You’re too much into yourself,” he said. “We’ve seen this a million times, you’ve gotta do something different.” He encouraged her to not be scared and to go out and engage people.

I’m sure Brandy appreciates your advice.

Brandy is breaking all type-casting norms right now by starring as Roxie Hart in Chicago – you know, the role Renee Zellweger played in the movie – and she’s killin’ it, by the way.


She told the Chicago Tribune that she was inspired by Keke Palmer, who became the first African-American Cinderella on Broadway last year and was inspired by Brandy’s own performance of the role in the 1997 movie.

Do you think you would’ve noticed Brandy on the subway? Tell us your thoughts below!


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