by Sabrina Boyd (@SabrinaKayaB)

As if people needed another excuse to post pictures of their cats on social media…

#TrumpYourCat has been trending today on Twitter and Facebook, because why wouldn’t it?

The trend involves styling your cat’s hair to look like Donald Trump.

We’re not sure if this is a sign of support for the Presidential candidate…no, probably just another hilarious Trump joke.

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But how can a cat achieve that perfect, whispy quaff?

It’s basically a cat toupée.

Brush your cat, then collect the hair that you brushed off, and style as The Donald would.

The result is a rather striking similarity…

There’s even a whole Instagram account dedicated to this, @trumpyourcat.

I could do this all day.

Dogs and other pets have started to get in on it.

See more photos from NBC News Today.

Have you Trumped your pet? Tweet a photo to us @Mix1041!


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