by Alisha Jackson

In case you missed it, there was a huge Twitter feud between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift yesterday over the music videos nominated for MTV’s VMA Video of the Year. Nicki decided to air out her frustrations about not being in the noms pool with Swift, by ranting about it on Twitter.

While Nicki didn’t specifically mention Taylor’s name in her tweets, Taylor, and the rest of the world, knew who Nicki was talking about. So Taylor decided to confront her publicly, and then chaos ensued.

You can check out their entire feud here.

While Nicki was indirectly complaining about Taylor Swift being nominated, if she did come out and say that Taylor didn’t deserve the nom, her reasoning would have no technical validity behind it. She has twitter user @chaelinfenty to thank for that!

Yesterday, in response to Nick & Tay’s feud, @chaelinfenty tweeted out:

“@NICKIMINAJ can we talk about how taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four WOC, 2NE1”

After looking up the K-Pop group’s full music video, that tweet may actually have a point!

Here’s Taylor Swift’s music video for “Bad Blood”

And here’s K-Pop group 2NE1’s music video for “Come Back Home”:

While the plot line of the two music videos are different, the visuals are undeniably similar. Do you think the director of the “Bad Blood” music video, Korean-American Joseph Kahn, deliberately copied 2NE1’s concept? After watching the two videos, is it even possible that he’d never seen it before? Keep in mind that 2NE1 is one of the most famous girl groups in Korea.

Also, if he did copy 2NE1, should Taylor Swift’s video be pulled from all VMA nominations? Tell us what you think in our poll below!


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