Life’s been good to Andy Grammer over the past few years. A great friend of us here at Mix 104.1, and a MixFest alumnus, Andy has agreed yet again to join us on the banks of the River Charles this year for MixFest 2015.

Salt from Karson & Kennedy got to sit down with Andy a few weeks ago, when his tour passed through Hampton Beach up in New Hampshire.

While Andy loves travelling and being on tour, playing MixFest and hanging out with Mix 104.1 listeners truly has a special place in his heart.

He recalled his first MixFest to Salt, which also happened to be Salt’s first MixFest show with the station.

“So many people, man. You know, as a musician you rarely get the opportunity to get up in front of that many people, and to be able to do it in Boston, which is one of my favorite places,” Andy said. “The people of Boston have been incredible to me and really were one of the main cities that took me off being a street performer to being a guy that gets to travel around the country.”

Andy Grammer has been touring with Massachusetts native Rachel Platten this summer, and Rachel happens to also be on the MixFest lineup for 2015.

“She’s kind of like my sister,” Andy said about Rachel. “I’ve gotta prank her somehow. We’ve been pranking each other a lot on tour.”

Andy recalled Rachel getting him good with a giant boa constrictor at one tour stop this summer.

“Overall scares, I’m clearly winning, but the boa was big, so that counts for more” he said. “But I would say still, I’m probably winning, that’s my guess.”


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