1. Since Mariska Hargitay appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video, there are now plans for Taylor to guest-star on “Law & Order: SVU”. What is the name of the other major spinoff of Law & Order?

2. Matt Damon says Jason Bourne would kick the crap out of Batman. He adds that he hasn’t heard Ben Affleck’s Batman voice yet. How many times has Damon played the Jason Bourne character in previous movies?

3. Amy Winehouse would have been 32 today. What was the name of her most popular album? Frank, Back to Black or Lioness: Hidden Treasures

4. M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, “The Visit”, came out this weekend and debuted with $25.7 million. His first movie, The Sixth Sense, starred Bruce Willis and what child actor who saw dead people?

5. Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, was crowned Miss America on Sunday Evening. After stating that she thought Tom Brady cheated. What state was last years winner from?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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