1. Mel B aka “Scary Spice” says the Spice Girls got their names from a lazy journalist that couldn’t be bothered to remember all their names so he just gave them nicknames. Name one of the other Spice girls nick names.

2. Twilight is turning 10 and Stephanie Meyers best-selling novel will get a special tenth anniversary edition with exclusive bonus content. Name both male characters who competed for Bella’s heart in the story.

3. Emily Blunt appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” and talked about receiving US citizenship. What New York national landmark greeted immigrants looking to enter the country from 1892 to 1954?

4. Furious 7 is now out on DVD and stars Jason Statham as a guy out for revenge for what Vin Diesel’s crew did to his brother in the last movie. How many Fast and Furious movies has Vin Diesel made an appearance in?

5. Disney is developing a new Mary Poppins movie, and it’ll be more of a sequel than a remake. It’s set in Depression-era London roughly 20 years after the first. Who played the titular character in the original? Judy Garland, Julie Andrews or Jayne Mansfield?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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