Jamie Lawson stopped by the House of Blues to open Mix 104.1’s Not So Silent Night for 2015, but before taking the stage, he hung out with Gregg Daniels and Fast Freddy backstage at the Lansdowne Pub.

For those not familiar with Jamie, he was the first artist to be signed to Ed Sheeran’s label, Gingerbread Man Records, and had his self-titled album debut at number one on the UK record charts. His hit single, Wasn’t Expecting That topped out at #6 on the U.S. charts.

Gregg asked him to surmise what’s happened in this past year.

“It’s kind of hard to take you through it, because so much has happened, I’m not actually sure what’s gone on, if you know what I mean.” Lawson said to Gregg and Freddy. “It was all amazing stuff, and the number one thing was incredible, I certainly wasn’t expecting that.”

Ed Sheeran and Jamie Lawson are great friends, and when Sheeran decided to launch his new label, he called on Lawson to be the debut artist, and was apparently drunk when he asked.

“He’s drunk a lot of the time, so it could have been any day,” laughed Lawson. “We met five years ago in a pub in London. But we only met once, and we lost touch straight away really, because he became this mega famous guy who was selling millions of records.”

The two performed at that pub, and had a mutual admiration for each other’s talents. Lawson explained that afterwards, they really lost touch with each other up until about 18 months ago.

“I got this text saying, Ed’s doing a secret show, and he’s asked for you to open up, can you come and do it,” Lawson said. “It was quite surreal.”

Lawson hopes he has time to grab Ed a Christmas present this year for all the success Sheeran’s given him.

Listen to Gregg and Freddy’s full interview in the player below.


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