by Alisha Jackson

Between our Mix Beach Houses, Mixfest 2015, Karson and Kennedy’s toy drive, and this year’s Not So Silent Night, Mix has had a pretty successful year. We even made it to the GRAMMY’s, the Billboard Music Awards and the American Music Awards this year!

In addition to all of these impressive accomplishments, Mix also had a pretty big a year on the web, thanks to you!

Here are the top 5 posts you clicked on this year:

5. How To Celebrate National Girlfriends Day, However You Define Girlfriends

Yes, National Girlfriends Day has and come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare early for the holiday next year!

Whether you’re honoring your girl or tearing it up with your girls, here are 5 ways to celebrate National Girlfriends Day that will be fun for both.

4. Can You Spot Katy Perry’s Diss to Taylor Swift?

To this day, an unconfirmed feud between Taylor and Katy exists. Even though the pop stars never comment on their “disses” to each other, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen.

Perhaps the most subtle of disses came from Perry’s camp during Katy’s Superbowl Halftime show performance. Can you spot her diss to Taylor in these photos?

3. Meghan Trainor Cancels Remainder of Tour, Says She Is “Devastated, Scared, and So Sorry”

Just four days after performing at our Mix Beach House, Meghan Trainor made the announcement that was forced to cancel the remainder of her tour. Unfortunately, due to coughing from her bout with bronchitis, she hemorrhaged her vocal cord again and had to have surgery.

Luckily, Meghan has since healed from her surgery and she’s sounding and looking better than ever! But her heartfelt message to fans pre-surgery had broken our hearts at the time. See her full message here.

2. 90’s Rewind: Are Beanie Babies Finally Worth Some Money?

It’s a good question. After spotting some astronomical starting bids on eBay, some people automatically assumed that their vintage Beanie Babies were worth the asking price. Unfortunately, it seems as though that was not the case. But that doesn’t mean that all Beanie Babies are worthless.

Check out our findings from March of this year.

1. Mom And Two Kids Steal Halloween Candy From Neighbors

And our number one story comes from a greedy mother and her two kids on Halloween.

Watch here as a home security camera captures a mother and her two kids emptying a family’s candy bowl into their bags, and then taking off.

Some people need a lesson in parenting… And in common decency!


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