1. The release date for “Star Wars 8” has been pushed back.  It was supposed to come out in May of next year, but now it’ll be seven months later, in December 2017.  What was the name of the Star Wars movie that came out in 2015?

2. Stacey Dash said yesterday that if black people are upset about being left out of the Oscars, they should stop segregating themselves with things like the “BET Awards” and Black History Month.  What news network is she currently a correspondent for?

3. New England Patriots linebacker Darius Fleming claimed he was injured last week helping a woman in a car accident near Gillette Stadium.  But people didn’t believe him, because they couldn’t find any evidence of the wreck.  Well, it turns out it really did happen.  What other pro team calls Gillette Stadium home?

4. Jamie Foxx helped save a man from a burning pickup truck, after he crashed in front of Jamie’s house in L.A. Monday night. True or false, he has won a Grammy, Oscar and Golden Globe Award?

5. American Express is suing Tori Spelling over an allegedly unpaid bill of nearly $40,000. What credit card brand has the most consumer share in the U.S.?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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