By: Eric Donnelly

David Spade and new Baywatch actress Charlotte McKinney roast Coachella-goers in their Funny Or Die video “David Spade Hates Coachella.”

The video features Spade as a check-in person who asks concert-goer McKinney a few questions on her way into the festival. He asks her about how many outfits she has packed, what job she will be returning to after the weekend — spoiler alert…she has none, — and who her favorite bands are, to which she replies “I didn’t know there were bands here, when did they add those?”

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The video couldn’t go without a quick political jab. Towards the end of the video, Joe Dirt says, “they want me to ask who would you vote for if the election was right now.” She replies with, “the Biebs,” but if he wasn’t running she’d vote for, “that old guy Colonel Sanders, he says Coachella is going to be free next year!”

Check out the rest of their jabs, from wind preference, to Instagram, to Snapchat in the video below!


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