By: Eric Donnelly

Britney Spears may be the Queen of Pop, but who knew she was a Budget Queen as well?

We can thank TLC for this information. Last night, they had a special titled Jamie Lynn Spears: When The Lights Go Out, which was promoting all her new country music coming out. You should check out her new single “Sleepover” it’s really great!

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The one thing this special showcased — that we never see anymore — is a personal glimpse into the normal life of the Spears family. They revealed a lot of secrets, especially when Jamie Lynn told everyone she found out she was pregnant in the bathroom of a BP gas station at 16-years-old. Mainly, this special covered when Britney, and her brother Brian, introduced their sister on stage at the Grand Ole Opry.

After the “When The Lights Go Out” songstress slayed the stage, cameras caught up with her and her family in her dressing room backstage. After Britney complimented her, Jamie Lynn looked over at her sister and said, “Thanks. I love that dress!” Like the icon she is, the “Work Bitch” crooner, in a funny voice, goes, “hehe thanks…Bebe, 40 bucks!” Forever continuing the legacy of Bebe in reality programming — TWENTY NINE DOLLARS!


You want to look hot in a Bebe dress? You better raid those sale racks, bitch! She could be clad in couture fashion at all times but chooses to be normal like the rest of us, and proud of it. She rocked the hell out of the black, long-sleeve, mesh-striped number…she’s honestly the cutest person on this planet.

It wasn’t shown, but it’s safe to assume she brought some red and white wine to celebrate Jamie Lynn’s introduction to the country world.


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