by Alisha Jackson

Remember when Taylor Swift‘s newly whipped boyfriend, actor Tom Hiddleston, donned an “I heart T.S.” shirt for the 4th of July?

Well, Robert Downey Jr. never wants his Avengers co-star to forget it. In fact, it looks as though he’s been sitting on this joke for a while, as he whipped it out only hours after Hiddleston joined Instagram.

After posting a ‘rock on’ selfie with the caption “He’s back!” to Instagram, Hiddleston immediately received some friendly shade from Downey.

He's back!

A post shared by Tom Hiddleston (@twhiddleston) on

“Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of them all to Instagram!” Downey captioned his photo of Hiddleston in the “I heart T.S.” shirt.

Downey was of course referring to his Iron Man character, Tony Stark, as the keeper of Hiddleston’s heart.

We know that he was making a joke, but if you look back at how new Hiddleswift’s relationship was back in July, it’s possible that the T.S. didn’t stand for Taylor Swift. Perhaps it did stand for Tony Stark, or something else, and Tom was just wearing it as a joke. You never know! Well, Tom and Taylor do.


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