1. Funnyman Steve Carrell is 54 today. On what popular T.V. show did he play hapless boss Michael Scott?

2. Jimmy Buffett is performing in Mansfield this weekend, and the local police are warning his fans that they will NOT put up with the gross, makeshift toilets that they left behind at his show there last summer. What are die hard Buffett fans called?

3. It looks like “Fuller House” won’t be getting any fuller. Jodie Sweetin was asked recently in an interview about the Olsen twins and it sounds like the show has given up trying to get them to appear. What was the Olsen twins characters name on the show?

4. The U.S. upped its medal count to 75 including 26 gold. They have a commanding lead in the medal count. Which country is second? China, Russia or Great Britain?

5. Pooch Hall may be an actor, but he’s also a boxer who won the Southern New England Golden Gloves back in 1994. He stars on the showtime series “Ray Donovan” as Jon Voight’s illegitimate son. What famous actress is John Voight the father of?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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