by Alisha Jackson

It’s really amazing what we don’t notice when we’re out in public. Perhaps these subway regulars are just spoiled by the musical talent that passes through their tunnels, but some of them didn’t even stop in their tracks when Joseph Gordon-Levitt rolled up with a full drum kit and started playing his heart out in a spiffy suit.

Thankfully, some passengers did notice JGL’s remarkable talent, but even then, they didn’t pick up on the fact that he was famous. One guy sort of recognized him, and mentioned that he looked like Pee-wee Herman. But that was the closest anyone came to identifying the actor.

The passerby’s did, however, notice him, which was the goal of JGL’s ‘Everyday, Spectacular’ project. He explains the idea behind the piece of art on his Hit Record website. “I want to challenge musicians, singers, dancers, and performers of any kind to go into an ordinary setting, and make a spectacular moment out of that everyday situation. You can sing, dance, play around, dress up in costumes, do any kind of extraordinary activity. These performances will be recorded from the standpoint of a passerby. So in the end, we’ll have a big, vibrant, beautiful, spectacular, collaborative piece of art.”

Sounds like a job for Boston’s Dancing Unicorn Man!


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