By: Eric Donnelly

Katy Perry recently caught up with Mashable via phone to talk about all that she’s been up to since becoming the most followed person on Twitter.

She claims that being the most followed person “is a bit like walking through a laser maze: At any moment, someone could attack. But, she says, you can actually use all that attention in a positive way.” And she’s bringing her social power to collaborate with Staples to donate $1-million to DonorsChoose, which helps teachers across the country pay for different projects in classes.

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Here’s some highlights from her interview:

“Mashable: You recently surpassed 90 million followers on Twitter, making you the person with the most followers in history. How does that impact how you tweet?

Katy: Sometimes you feel like you have to read all the news before you can say anything… I feel like I have the power with one button to speak with so many people and be connected with people all over the world at the snap of you finger. It’s a powerful tool….

What made you want to use your platform to promote DonorsChoose?

The education system in America is not brilliant, and hopefully that will change soon. But right now we don’t put enough importance into it, and a lot of teachers are having to dip into their own pockets. It’s just one of things where you assume people’s needs are already met but when you look at it there’s such a big hole.

When releasing your Olympics anthem, “Rise,” you said you wanted to release the song now instead of waiting for your next album. When did you write “Rise,” and why did you decide to release it now instead of with the album?

“Rise” is a song that I have had swirling around in me. it’s a little bit like the story of the phoenix, about overcoming…. Rising up again or finding that inner strength again and again, that’s a lifelong theme for me. Years ago I had tried to write it but it didn’t work, it didn’t come out right. And when the Olympics approached us it was already half written, and it was one of the first songs that I have written in this next batch, so I pulled it out.”


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