It’s been a huge year for 18-year-old Shawn Mendes (happy birthday!). Not only did he graduate high school and dominate the airwaves, but he also got to perform at Mix 104.1’s coveted beach house event. We say the latter is his biggest accomplishment, but if you watch his interview with Karson, Kennedy, Salt, and Kate Merrill’s daughter Addison above, you’ll learn that he’s also got his eye on an Olympic medal.

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Well, the Olympics part may have been a joke, but Shawn Mendes does have some non-music related plans for the future. “I want to do some acting and modeling in the future,” he shared, but reassured his music fans by adding “but I’ll be writing music for the rest of my life, for sure.” It sounds like fans will be able to add Shawn’s modeling plans to their calendars soon. “I’m hoping in January/February to do some of that [serious modeling],” the singer revealed.

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That question came from WBZ-TV reporter Kate Merrill’s 13-year-old daughter Addison, who also ended up getting some insider info on Taylor Swift from Shawn. When asked what the coolest perk of his fame has been so far, Shawn nonchalantly brought up an invite to the mega-star’s birthday party. “One time I was casually at a Taylor Swift birthday party, and I witnessed Jay Z and Beyoncé walk[ing] in the door.” If you’re wondering if he took his phone out to grab a selfie like us normies, he didn’t, but not because he wasn’t allowed to. “No, it was actually really cool,” he explained. “No one was really saying anything about it, but also nobody had their phones out.”

To hear the rest of Shawn’s Q&A with Addison, watch the video above! Or listen to the audio below.


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